I´m thankful for the hair I have.

Hermione Olivia is a London-based Australian founder of brand consultancy The H Collective, co-founder of jewellery label Atelier Romy, and the woman behind the popular style and travel blog

I was born blonde, and it just suits me best. I am naturally very fair. I tried going brunette once and it was an absolute resounding ‘no’ from just
about everyone I encountered.
However, I like seeing people who are adventurous and switch their looks up. It’s such a good way to make a statement. I have a long bob of blonde hair, which is naturally dead straight. I lost most of my hair once from stress—which was fairly traumatic—but it has made me so grateful for the fine hair I do have!

I’m insanely loyal to my hairdressers. I have the same colourist, always. I’m fairly relaxed and open to suggestions but I also know what I like— short, manageable hair that is low maintenance and doesn’t require colouring too frequently or too intensely. That means we usually do a half head of foils and a toner.

I’m really lucky that my hair is very low maintenance. It manages to look fresh even when I haven’t had any foils for a while, as I’m naturally very light and balayage is in! All I need is a brush, my Cloud Nine straightener, GHD curler, Kerastase shampoos, and David Mallett products. I also love the wet, slicked back look so if I’m travelling for an event or wedding, I’ll take fudge.

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