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Our moisturising Rejuvanation shampoo for blonde hair is full of ingredients your hair will love, such as sunflower extract, corn sugar, and goji berries. It was developed using our Omni Lightening Defense Complex®—the latest scientific advancement for repairing blonde hair, promoting shine and repairing breakage.

Our luxurious Rejuvanation conditioner transforms bleached and damaged hair using our Omni Lightening Defense Complex®. Natural corn sugar creates a moisturising effect, while a special amino acid blend boosts strength, increases shine, and protects colour. Rejuvenation Conditioner provides an ultra-dose of nutrition and powerful ingredients that minimize breakage.


This Magically Transforming Intense Treatment, masque works both inside the cuticle and on the surface of the hair. With hydrolysed vegetable proteins, this masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft and effectively repairs it. Magical goji berries help moisturise, condition, and revitalise the hair. Sunflower extract protects against the colour-removing effect of UV rays and other aggressors. And, finally, an amino-acid blend improves strength and shine without weighing the hair down.

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