Winter hair care for blondes: Tips for healthy cold-weather hair

Dear blondes, we won’t allow you to make winter an excuse for months of bad hair days. True, keeping your hair frizz-free, healthy, strong, and supple in cold weather is a challenge. But one that is possible to overcome with quality blonde haircare products and the right tips. So, if we ask you: Winter hair care for blondes? We expect to hear: Challenge accepted! 

Issues with blonde hair in the winter and how to prevent them

Many types of damage affect the state of our hair. Some take time to penetrate the hair structure, while others can appear more dramatically. Even though we can’t avoid exposure to environmental damage from the sun, UV and pollution, we can reduce mechanical, chemical, heat, and hard water damage to a minimum with a thoughtful approach to hair care. The most common and severe sources of harm to our hair are bleaching, use of aggressive chemical hair dye, and heat exposure. But your hair also suffers from damage you’d probably never think of, such as combing, hairstyles, bonding, braiding, or simply not washing your hair properly… Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Our hair is not just our most valuable fashion accessory. It is a part of our body, and as such, it’s prone to ageing and damage.

Winter weather woes

It’s not you, it’s winter! – is a poor consolation and we know it. So, if you can’t control the wind, rain, snow, and cold, at least you can prep your hair, maintain its health, and weather the season. The best hair care for blondes in the winter involves dealing with the following:

  • Frequent thermal styling. Result: Dry hair.
  • Insufficient humidity. Result: Staticky hair.
  • Too much humidity. Result: Frizzy hair.
  • Wearing caps and hats. Result: Flat hair.

Apart from regularly using rejuvenating products that strengthen and nurture blonde hair in the winter, you can maintain the fine quality of your hair with a healthy routine. But first, know thy enemy.

1. Frizzy hair

The original cause of frizz is not excess environmental moisture but open hair cuticles. The winter weather conditions and harsh hair treatments and cosmetics will open the cuticle and dry out the hair. Now that it lacks its own moisture, it will absorb humidity from outside and swell causing irregular texture. Truth be told, your hair always soaks up a bit of moisture but much more so if it’s dry and the cuticle is open. So, dryer hair and more humidity in the air together will result in worse frizz.

2. Dry hair

Dry and cold air will not be kind to any hair color, type, or texture. Winter air is less humid than warm air, drying your hair out. Add to it frequent transitions to heated indoors and thermal styling, and you have a perfect formula for making your hair brittle and weak.

3. Hair breakage

Exposing your delicate blonde hair to dry air outside and indoors will weaken it, make it more brittle, and particularly vulnerable to physical damage. As if split ends and hair breakage are not enough, you can expect some hair loss due to winter conditions, too. Therefore, adequate winter hair care for blondes will address the root of most of these issues: the lack of moisture in your hair.

4. Hair static

Friction between your hair and other objects like a plastic brush, woolen sweater, or hat in a dry environment will cause it to build up an electrical charge. The less humidity in the environment, the more staticky hair you can expect. Because there’s not enough moisture to relieve your hair of the static, the identically charged hairs will repel each other, standing on end. But interestingly enough, more moisture in the air is not the solution.

5. Hat hair

A winter hat was supposed to be the solution to a problem not a cause of another! And yet, the effort to protect your blonde hair from drying out is offset by flat, hat hair. It happens thanks to the sebum on your scalp matting down the hair and the hat pressing it even closer to the scalp. To end this on a positive note, you don’t have to choose between wearing a hat and exposing your blonde hair to the elements.

How to help your blonde hair weather the winter

Ideally, you will provide much-needed moisture to your hair both from inside and out. Regular hydration through diet, washing with repairing shampoo for blonde hair, and the use of moisturizing hair treatments are a foundation of a proper hair care routine for blondes, and thus, strong and shiny winter hair.

Rely on products that make your blonde hair smooth

To get the best hair care for blondes in the winter, you should rely on products whose formulas rest on the five features of healthy hair. The Omniblonde team behind those formulas made sure that every single product addressed all five key pillars together. This fact is making your blonde hair THRIVE (Tone sHine stRength moIsture VolumE) SMOOTH (Strength MOisture vOlume Tone sHine) and making said products unique.

You can keep your hat on

You can deal with the unwelcome cowlick using a volume-adding texturing spray and wearing a looser cap or hat on oil-free, clean hair. Keep in mind that cotton and woolen caps are a source of friction causing static but so are hats made of materials carrying a static charge, like polyester, acrylic, nylon, or fur and leather. If you’re reluctant to part with your favorite hat, insulate it with smooth silk or satin lining. The less friction, the better!

Try more air-drying instead of hair-drying

Treat your hair with a conditioner with a moisturizing effect to minimize breakage. And when the time comes to dry it, tap your hair gently with a towel and cover it loosely for several minutes. And yes, we know that time is always a deciding factor when it comes to drying hair. If you’re in a rush, at least lower the temperature and keep your hair dryer 15 cm / 6 inches away from your hair. 


Wash your hair less frequently

On one hand, the sebum protects both the scalp and the roots. On the other, it is the culprit of hat hair. However, removing it with frequent washes with hot water will not prevent this hair issue. On the contrary, it will dry it out further. Instead, make a gap in your too-frequent washing routine and bridge it by using a dry shampoo designed for blondes to absorb sebum. And when you wash your hair, rinse it with tepid water.

Make every season a blonde hair season!

With our tips for winter hair care for blondes, there is nothing that stands in the way of changing your haircare habits and showing off your radiant blonde locks. Don’t keep these tips under your hat; share them with all and every blonde!